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-- Jacqueline Romano

Blindfold Magazine

     Viviana Garcia is not any ordinary creative. When she has a dream, she chases after it. Her perseverance in living out her goals and dreams does not stop there. While pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in photography at Florida Atlantic University, Viviana also rocked her way into the dance world, teaching classes at NTB Dance Studio, U4ria Dance Studio, performing and competing in dance battles. With a strong allure toward helping others and involving herself in social justice causes, Viviana found a home at her internship with internationally distributed publication, Blindfold Magazine. She was able to work side by side with the Creative Director, Jacqueline Romano, in creating design layouts for each issue and assisting on photo shoots. Her talents in photography were noticed by Jacqueline and the Editor, Jeramy Pritchett, who featured many of Viviana’s photographs to support articles in the publication.


Since completing her undergraduate program Magna Cum Laude, Viviana Garcia has hustled her way into the Photography business. She has not only shot live performances by headliners in the likes of Alicia Keys and Cee Lo Green, but has also been brought onto the Getty Images Entertainment team here in South Florida. Viviana has a photographer’s eye that is beyond compare. She works with each of her clients at full force to bring their desired vision to fruition. If you would love to learn more about Viviana, you can follow her personal instagram page @viviianaagarcia

Biography Credit: Jacqueline Romano





Blindfold Magazine is a socially conscious, independent, online lifestyle magazine. Socially conscious can be defined as being aware of   the issues that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis. Blindfold unites audience interests in different fields, while showing that it is possible to be socially and environmentally aware without compromising beauty and soul. It’s time to take off the proverbial blindfold that society creates and see beyond. Through pictures and words, Blindfold looks to inspire our readers to “take it off."