A collaboration with Venus Niagolova and Viviana Puga, is an attempt at portraying the contrast between photography and portrait versus painting and color. The images were borne by having different models pose the same way with the same clothing then asked to describe themselves in one word. Using the adjective given, the artist would overlay paint over the faces of the models in a way that would reflect their self-description.


The incongruity of the monochrome portraits with the array of bright colors make for a neat photograph. The emotions of the models akin over their identities adds to the mystery and something for the viewer to interpret themselves.


Written by: Johan Sebastian


                              Archival Inkjet Prints on Canvas with Acrylic  9.5 x 14 in


EXHIBITIONS featured this series


2014          Art Takes Miami, See.Me & Scope Art, Miami, FL


       Exit 26, Ritter Art Gallery, Boca Raton, FL 


                   Art Fallout: Unframed, Girls' Club Foundation, Fort Lauderdale, FL 







Polaroid's 3.3 in x 4.2 in 

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